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Rugby The Game is all about putting you right in the middle of the action. The playing board is clear and simple to use, keeping a focus on the action, front-and-centre.


The board is split with teams facing each other. There are six slots on the board for active players, a field ruler to indicate the position of the ball on the field, and slots for  Player decks and General Play Cards.

The middle of the game board visualises the action happening around the ball. Sure there are 15 players on each team, but only a handful are in action at any time. With RTG, you keep the focus where it should be; on the ball.  

1x  Rule Book
1x  Folding Game Board
1x  3D Ball Miniature
2x 10-sided Dice
1x  8-sided Distance Dice
30x  Player Cards (two teams)
115x General Play Cards
4x  Referee Cards
4x  Coach Cards
4x  Sin-Bin Cards
8x  Weather Cards
22x Rugby Ball Score Tokens
4x  Head-gear tokens
2x  Field Distance Marker Standees
1x  Coin Toss Token

Rugby - The Game Info

  2 players   45 - 60 mins   Ages 13+

  Categories: Sports

  Play involves: Action Queue

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