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The classic game of Pictionary gets an update with markers, erasable boards, and a new pop culture category. Just like traditional Pictionary, players have to draw, or attempt to draw, the word featured on the card they choose, and their team has to guess what’s being drawn. But instead of drawing with pencil and paper, in this game you get to draw with a marker and erasable board. You still only get one minute to draw and guess, though.

The game also comes with two decks of clue cards: 120 adult cards and 80 junior cards. The adult cards feature five words representing five different categories: Object, Person/Place/A­nimal, Action, Difficult, and the newest category Popular Culture. The junior cards feature five kid-friendly clues that all relate to the category stated on the top of the card.

On your team’s turn, the person drawing picks a card from the appropriate card deck and must draw the word that matches the color of the space on which the team’s pawn rests on the board. If the team correctly guesses the word, they roll the die, advance that number of spaces on the board, and continue playing with a new artist and card. Once that team fails to guess a word in the one-minute time limit, the team’s turn is over, and play passes to the other team.

Certain spaces on the board are Wild, which means the artist can choose any word on the card to draw, and other spaces are All Play spaces, which means both teams will participate in guessing the clue at the same time.

A team wins the game if they reach the last All Play space, have control of the die, and win the All Play.

Pictionary comes with 120 adult cards, 80 junior cards, two card boxes, four category cards, two erasable markers, two erasable boards, a game board, two movers, a sand timer, a die, and instructions.


Pictionary Info

  3 - 16 players   90 mins   Ages 12+

  Categories: Party Game

  Play involves: Line Drawing, Roll / Spin and Move, Team-Based Game

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