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Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy.

Welcome to the world of Photosynthesis, the green strategy board game! Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun's rays. Carefully pick where you sow and when you grow, as tees in the shadows are blocked from light, and from points. This game features realistic gameplay and beautiful graphics.

The sun shines brightly on the canopy of the forest, and the trees use this wonderful energy to grow and develop their beautiful foliage. Sow your crops wisely and the shadows of your growing trees could slow your opponents down, but don't forget that the sun revolves around the forest. Welcome to the world of Photosynthesis, the green strategy board game!


  • 1 x Game Board
  • Sun Segment
  • Player Boards
  • First Player Token
  • 24 Scoring Tokens
  • Sun Marker Tokens
  • 24 Seed Tokens (6 of each species)
  • 32 Small Trees (8 of each species)
  • 16 Medium Trees (4 of each species)
  • Big Trees (2 of each species)
  • Illustrated Rules

Photosynthesis Info

  2 - 4 players   30 - 60 mins   Ages 10+

  Categories: Abstract Strategy, Environmental

  Play involves: Action Points, Area Majority / Influence, Bias, End Game Bonuses, Hexagon Grid, Income

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