Isle of Skye - Druids Expansion

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One cannot win the struggle for dominance over the island without powerful allies. As every wise king knows, power is not measured in strength and gold alone. Having the support of the spiritual leaders of the country can be the decisive factor. Win the druids over to your cause, and harness the power of their mystical sacred sites for your benefit!

Isle of Skye: Druids, the second expansion for Isle of Skye, can be played with the base game on its own or with the base game and the Journeyman expansion. This expansion splits the buying phase (phase 4) into two buying sessions. With your first purchase, you can buy a tile from your fellow players in the usual manner. For your second purchase, you can buy a tile from the dolmen board. These “druid” tiles are normal landscape tiles, except that they will often bear a stone tablet or a scroll. Stone tablets grant special powers that you can use until the end of the game, while scrolls are subject to the usual rules of the base game. New scoring tiles offer further variability.

Game Contents:

  • 1 Dolmen Board
  • 10 Stone Tablets
  • 9 Additional Gold Coins
  • 5 “50/100 Victory” Tiles
  • 6 New Scoring Tiles
  • 36 Druid Tiles

Isle of Skye - Druids Expansion Info

  2 - 5 players   60 - 75 mins   Ages 10+

  Categories: Expansion for Base-game, Territory Building

  Play involves: Auction/Bidding, Set Collection, Tile Placement

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