Getting your Games!

Because we're mostly an online store, our retail shop is a little...small. But you know what they say - the best things come in small packages! What this does mean though is that we don't really have room to browse.

We like to think of ourselves more as a 'Board Game Takeaway Shop' where you place your order (online or in person) and we prep your order quick as a wink!

If you want to click and collect - perfect. Make your order online and we'll let you know when it's ready.

But if you just want to drop in and pick something up - no worries! While we don't have a large store you can browse, we're full of great recommendations and can grab whatever you need from out back.

Our products

The In-Store Experience

Game Kings is a pretty small business and we're all working hard around the clock to get new games on the website, pack and ship your orders and a whole lot more! This means we don't have a dedicated person to run the shop.

Therefore, when you visit Game Kings, you never know which of our lovely team members you'll get!

Meet the Team

236 Kahikatea Drive
Hamilton 3204

Opening hours:
Monday: 10AM-4PM

Tuesday: 10AM-4PM

Wednesday: 12PM-4PM

Thursday: 10AM-4PM

Friday: 10AM-4PM

Saturday/Sunday: Closed