1. Membership

Membership and participation in Game Kings’ Royalty Points rewards program is free.

The official commencement of the programme is 13/11/2019 and only orders placed from this point forward will accumulate points.

Any orders placed before this date were made before the launch of the Royalty points programme, and as such do not qualify for Royalty points. No exceptions will be made.

Members must be individuals, and any individual participating must abide by these Terms and Conditions for their Royalty Points to be deemed valid. 

Game Kings reserves the right to rule invalid any points that are seen to have been accumulated in a manner that they deem to be unfair, or in violation of their intended use.

Points are non-transferable between participants or participating accounts. Rewards also are to be used by the account, member or participant who has redeemed them, and are also non-transferable.


2. Collecting Points

Points will be recorded and displayed in a member’s Game Kings account and can be redeemed in the associated Royalty Points Store.

Royalty Points can be accumulated in the following ways:

  1. Through making a monetary purchase on the Game Kings NZ website 
    1. (these will be attributed at a base rate of 20points for $1.00 spent; however may increase, e.g. 20points per $1.00 over certain promotions, special events or chosen periods).
    2. Double points will be earned on your first order every 30 days, (not applicable in promotional periods in which a multiplier has already been applied).
  2. Through logging in to your account and clicking “Earn Points” on a weekly basis;
    1. Every 7 days since your last login you will be able to take part in a game kings points lottery which will award you between 20 and 100 free points.
  3. Referring a friend who makes a purchase; 
    1. Give a friend $5 off their first purchase, and receive 500 points ( these values may change over time). 
  4. Other acts in which Game Kings explicitly offers you an opportunity to earn points in return for liking sharing, or referring their services in return for points.

Royalty points and any benefits they confer, cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise used in any manner except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or as otherwise agreed between Game Kings and the member themselves. Royalty points have no cash or monetary value, and will not be exchanged for such.

Game Kings will from time to time contact you, updating you on:

  1.  your balance, and what you’re eligible to purchase,
  2.  informing you of new ways in which you are able to earn points, 
  3. notifying you of promotional periods in which you will earn a multiplied number of points per $1.00 spent online,
  4. reminders of your weekly free points claim,


  1. Claiming a reward:

Game Kings Royalty point members with sufficient points may use these points to redeem a reward through the loyalty points store. Once a reward has been selected, and a sufficient number of points has been used to purchase this reward, the member will be presented with a code. 

This code can be used on the Game Kings web store in order to accrue the discount, voucher, free postage, free game, or gift of choice. Members must then proceed through the checkout process as per normal, for the order to be processed. Physical goods and orders will then be processed and delivered as any other Game Kings order.

Once a reward is redeemed, it cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged because you have changed your mind. Damaged or defective goods may be replaced or refunded at the discretion of Game Kings, as per normal store policy. In most cases this will take the form of a replacement. In the cases that a refund is issued, this will only cover the monetary expenditure directly spent by the customer on the order, rather than the RRP of the product itself. The remaining balance will be offered by a replacement discount code, or a return of the original Royalty points used in purchasing the deal.

Members cannot claim a reward from points that have been awarded in error, and Game Kings reserves the right to refuse to fulfill any order in which the points used have been awarded illegitimately or unintentionally; either through error on behalf of Game Kings, or through illicit or dishonest behaviour on behalf of the member. 

Game Kings reserves the right to suspend any member, or to withhold their ability to claim rewards without any notice, if the member is suspected of having gained their points in a manner that is not deemed to align with the intended use of the Royalty Points system.


  1. Deduction of Points

The number of Royalty points used in the redemption of a reward will be deducted from a members points balance. At the time of launching; Royalty points issued do not have a term of expiry and can be held by a member in their account indefinitely.

Game Kings reserves the right to change this at any time on the condition that fair warning is given to the participating members. 

Points held by members at the time of this change will be able to be redeemed for a period of time after this, equivalent to the introduced expiry period, with the issue date considered to be the date in which the expiry period of points comes into effect.

Game Kings may also deduct points from members under the following conditions:

  • any points recorded in error either through fraudulent activities; as a result of a customer partaking in an activity not explicitly stated in these Terms and Conditions to be a legitimate means of collecting points; or through means of repeatedly taking an action intended by Game Kings to be a ‘one time means’ of allowing a customer to accumulate Royalty points); or
  • any points relating to a transaction which is cancelled or where a refund is given; and
  • any points issued by Game Kings to a customer for a specified purpose or reason which the customer then chooses not to utilise these points in the redemption of.

  1. Personal Information

Any information provided by members is held by Game Kings for the purpose of keeping track of their account earnings, and will not be shared, passed on or used in any manner other than for the promotion and administration of the members account.

  1. General:

Royalty points are not transferable between accounts, and Game Kings reserves the right to deny any request to do so unless, at their own discretion they choose to do so for a customer who has changed account details, and there is no suspicion that this was done for further accumulation of points.

Royalty points, and any rights conferred by these, cannot be transferred, sold, assigned or otherwise dealt with, except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or as agreed between Game Kings and the relevant member at the sole discretion of Game Kings.

The points themselves have no monetary or cash value, and are not to be used in any capacity other than according to these Terms and Conditions.

Game Kings reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at our discretion, even where this has the effect of reducing or extinguishing the number of, value of, expiry period of any past, current, existing, or future points. In any case that the change is deemed to be significantly material, Game Kings will notify participating customers either through an update to these conditions on the website, or through direct communications.

Game Kings at any point and without any prior notice reserves the right to change:

  1. the rewards available for purchase with Royalty points,
  2. the number of points required for the redemption of each/any reward,
  3. the range of games which Royalty points are able to be collected upon purchasing,
  4. the rate a which royalty points are distributed per $1.00 spent,

Game Kings reserves the right for any reason to suspend, terminate or otherwise end the program. In any such case customers will be notified via the website or direct communication, with information on how this will effect them, and what, if any value will henceforth be attributed to a members existing points.

Game Kings is not liable for:

  • any loss, theft or damage to any reward in the course of post or delivery;
  • any reward not being available for any reason;
  • any unexpected delays in delivery times;
  • any change in the attribution of points that has an effect upon a members expectations of point accumulation;
  • the suspension and/or termination of the Royalty points program.

In these Terms and Conditions:

  • “Game Kings” refers to ‘Bema Limited’ who trade under the name Game Kings
  • “Royalty Points” refer to the loyalty points accumulated or gifted to customers as part of the Royalty Points Programme;
  • “Royalty Points Programme” refers to the arrangement in which customers receive points by making qualifying purchases through the gamekings.co.nz website, or through completing other “qualifying” activities for which they are awarded points.
  • “Members”, “participants”, or “customers” refer to those taking part in the programme.
  • “Royalty Points Store” refers to the store where members can use their points to purchase rewards;
  • “Rewards” will take the form of a code which can be utilised on the Game Kings store in return for free products, vouchers, discounts or other specified benefits.


  1. Promotions and Competitions:

At times Game Kings may run promotions, in which bonus Royalty Points are applied to qualifying members, orders, products or activities. The application of these points is at the sole discretion of Game Kings.

Game Kings reserves the right to revoke any points a member has earned in a manner that they do not consider to be “in accordance” with the intentions of the promotion.


  1. Incorrect Information

Members of the “Royalty Points Programme” must supply correct information when creating a members account. Game Kings reserves the right to deny or reverse points earned by a member who has used another individuals account, name, address or any other information in the accumulation of these points. Game Kings also reserves the right to notify law enforcement agencies or to pursue any remedies available in the case of improper use of the Royalty Points programme.