Help us donate Tākaro to every school in Aotearoa!

For every Tākaro Original, Tākaro Bits & Bobs or Tākaro Into The Wild purchased this month, Game Kings will donate a copy of Tākaro to a New Zealand school as part of Koha for Kura.


Koha for Kura, translated as ‘gift for schools,’ will see over two thousand primary schools receive a free copy of Tākaro - Original Edition, with deliveries to schools beginning in late May. We created Koha for Kura to help Kiwi kids around the country learn te reo Māori and incorporate te reo into their day-to-day life. Our goal is to donate a copy of Tākaro to every school in New Zealand - that’s a total of 2,556 primary and intermediate schools! 


For the month of February, Game Kings will donate a copy of Tākaro to a school for every copy of the game sold through our website, with no cap on the donation drive. You can help us achieve this by purchasing Tākaro before February 28th and spreading the word to your friends & whānau.


A bit about Tākaro 


Our team at Game Kings were driven to create Tākaro by their passion to help cultivate a multilingual Aotearoa.


We launched the first iteration of Tākaro in mid-2019, and all we really wanted was to see people using basic te reo in day-to-day conversations. It’s been amazing how positive the public has been in their response to the game. “We’ve set up the Koha for Kura initiative to get the next generation using te reo wherever they can, and that begins in the classroom.”


Regardless of whether we hit our target, we're determined to see a copy of Tākaro in every Kiwi school.


We’ve received a lot of orders and feedback from teachers who purchase the game for use in their classroom with their own money, and so many of the repeat orders are from teachers too. However, while we’re thrilled that teachers are using Tākaro as an educational tool in the classroom and support the game, we don’t want them to have to pay for it.

Buy 1 & we'll give 1 
Help us gives tākaro to every school in aotearoa.


When will games be sent to schools ?

Our aim is to start sending games as early as mid April. 

How can I make sure my school is included?

Reach out to us via our contact page and make sure your school is on the list. 

Why are you doing this? 

That's easy - We want to help create a multilingual Aotearoa and this is just one way we can work towards that goal! 

What happens if you don't reach the goal? 

Depending on how far away from the goal we're likely planning to still send each school a pack at our own cost. 

How are you choosing which schools to send to? 

We have worked with The Ministry of Education to build a database of every school in New Zealand and we're prioritising lower decile schools first. 

Who created Tākaro?